Donwood Glass makes a strategic investment in a new cloud-based phone system to provide a first-class customer experience.

1 April 2021

Donwood Glass has always been dedicated to delivering excellent customer service and we continue to invest in new technology that will help us support our customers even better.

Inevitably the Covid pandemic posed a number of challenges to the way we do business, but it also presented an opportunity to identify new ways to facilitate more effective communication and improve our processes. For that reason, we invested in a cloud-based telephone system that will allow for more efficient internal communications and a better telephone experience for all our customers.


We are always a phone call away.

By deploying a cloud-based phone system, our customer service team will always be available for a call at any time during office hours, no matter where we are located.

A cloud-phone system will allow us to minimise any downtime and if connectivity goes down, calls can be transferred straight to our mobiles, meaning that all-important calls would still be reaching us. 


Ensuring crisp and clear calls

Good customer communication is fundamental to our business’ success. With our new cloud-based phone system you will enjoy consistent crystal-clear sound quality when you speak to our team.


Better customer engagement

Our cloud-based phone system will be integrated with our business systems, which in turn, will allow us to better engage with our customers at every touchpoint and create more efficient ways of working. We’ll be able to introduce productivity and performance improvements, resulting in much faster response times.


Reducing our carbon footprint

Adopting a cloud-based phone system also contributes to doing our bit for the environment as a cloud service doesn’t require the energy-draining infrastructures that premise-based phone systems do.